An outstanding, bespoke, educational experience for students with special educational needs and disabilities

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The testimonials below have been provided by happy parents, pupils and carers.

Parent, January 2019

“I am very pleased with my child’s development and progress. She is able to show her full potential. This is due to the staff encouragement, patience, care and support. We are very happy that time is spent to include her family in her education.”

Parent, January 2019

“I am very happy with the school and how my son is progressing.”

Year 10 Student, January 2019

“I like that lessons are tailored to the individuals and their needs.”

Year 7 Pupil, January 2017

“I like lots of things at school, I like going offsite and going on activities, I like Hair and Beauty, I like Gemma, I like everyday, I like the cafe, I like serving drinks”

Parent, December 2016

“I have never known a school to have such nice staff. My daughter loves going to school. I have had severe problems with her self harming at all previous schools, now we have rare minor incidents. The staff all know how to distract and keep my daughter safe. Her reading has improved 100% where other schools have failed.”

Parent, July 2016

“Any other school setting my child has ever attended have never been able to meet my child’s need, this school has been fantastic for not only my son, but our family.”

Parent, July 2016

“If it wasn’t for this school my child would not be in school. Now she’s doing exams! I’m so grateful to the teachers and staff for their hard work and commitment to our children.”

Carer, July 2016

“Abigail has come on leaps and bounds since starting at IES. A significant improvement in both her confidence and her behaviour, which in turn is helping her learning abilities in many areas. This is all in just a short period of time and is all down to the fantastic staff they have within the school. They are very helpful and approachable and communication between both myself and staff is excellent.”

Parent, July 2016

“Brilliant school. I have four children and all have been a various schools. This is the best school I have ever known. Shame all schools aren’t like this.”

Parent, July 2016

“My child has been excluded from her last two schools due to them not being able to manage her behaviours. My child is a very traumatised child due to a very chaotic past. She has only been a pupil at IES since two weeks before Easter 2016, but already shows great improvement in behaviours and is now progressing in learning. She is happy at school and feels safe. The school/ parent communication is second to none.”

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