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When most people hear the word ‘spiritual’, they run a mile! For some it may mean big names like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King. Ghandi or even Oprah. For me, spiritual means inner self; it’s a person with a set of values and beliefs that give us a purpose in our lives. To have compassion for love and forgiveness, faith, a belief in something, principles and morals that define us.

The pace of modern day life sees us constantly on the go, progression and technology can leave us not only outward but inwardly exhausted. Our minds are almost always switched on and occasionally they need time to re-boot.

Part of my weekend mantra is to escape into the countryside to wander through open fields, hike the hills, trek through the trees and sit by still water. When living in Mallorca, this was easy with the constant sunshine and hard terrain, living in the mountains and within a five-minute walk to the beach.  Back in Leicestershire, however, this proves more of a challenge in the wind and the rain but not one to give up, the purchase of wellies and a storm jacket still get me out and about to clear my mind and blow away the cobwebs.  The recent spell of great weather ‘though has reminded me how easier everything is in the sunshine and how happier everyone seems getting a good dose of vitamin D. The sunshine brings us together for sure, my neighbours all seem to be buying pop-up pools and hot tubs with the smell of bbq’s wafting through the air.

Over the years, my search for inner wellness has seen us on family retreats (these days I prefer a comfy bed, hot shower and decent food!), courses in reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, hot stone therapy to name but a few.

I recently attended a training course in Birmingham for IES looking at anxieties. It was a successful day conversing with others working in the industry looking at ways to help our young people develop skills to cope better with day to day life. I was particularly interested in the Tutor’s recommendations to offer complementary therapies such as yoga, relaxation techniques and massage to our students on a regular basis.

Have a great week!

Andrea GullickAndrea Gullick
Long Street
Learning Support Assistant