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Be the light you want to attract

Life is Art and you are life! I believe everything we do, say, see and experience in life, even the way we think is all Art. The way an individual speaks whether that be with good British etiquette, artistic British or American road slang and/ or a foreign language like flowing French or Italian, to mention but few. The way a person expresses themselves through a piece of visual art (painting, drawing, poetry or sculpture) the way a person walks, dances, smiles or poses for a picture these are all forms of art. The sky at dawn, dust, in a storm, rain or on a clear night opening up the light of the stars, these are all-natural art. To most, these are everyday things, possibly even insignificant, but to acknowledge the beauty/art of Life of ‘you’, I believe is very important and sometimes we as a society fail to take the smallest simplest things like these into consideration. Personally, I try to live a life of positivity, mindfulness and spiritual awareness, I understand not everyone has the same ethos, although I believe if everyone did, then the world would be less non-altruistic, negative, violent and a lot more of a peaceful place.

there are artist who create beautiful pieces through negative violent thoughts such Beethoven

Having said that, there are artists who create beautiful pieces through negative violent thoughts such Beethoven and the result was art, that of a classical nature. Vincent van Gogh created some of his best work whilst also having violent thoughts, so a negative mind can still create something beautiful. I believe if we are all mindful of our thoughts, environment and words at any given time, this can only help us to control our behaviour and responses to things thus creating our own way of being: everyday art.

Matisse and Picasso

I am in my last year of my psychology degree, and the experience of this has given me the tools to observe, monitor and analyse our pupils’ behaviour. All of our pupils are interestingly authentic and are all individual artists, their thought process and behaviour are unique. At times challenging but wonderful to be a part of all the same.

Matisse and Picasso

I plan to do a lot more travelling, seeing and experiencing different cultures, the people, food, and the Art. I believe having such experiences helps an individual, but also gives one tools to pass on. I hope to continue to pass on my experiences to the pupils at IES, giving them a broader view of the world and themselves. If my love of travelling, psychology and Art can help at least one of our young pupils to develop emotionally and academically then my experiences were worthwhile.


My ethos of life:

Have knowledge and be mindful of self, live, love, travel and be your true authentic apological self, you are beautiful, you are life and life is art!

Augustus ReidAugustus Reid
Long Street
Learning Support Assistant