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My weekends are full of fun and fitness.

Every Saturday for the past ten years my alarm has been set for 7.30am, I can’t even remember what it’s like to have a lie in anymore!

Having commitments like playing hockey is far more fun than spending my day lounging around. By 8.30 I have packed my hockey bag and eaten a nutritious breakfast, such as granola topped with fruit, ready for game day. At 9.00am, I arrive at the hockey club and head straight for the changing rooms; my team and I are all chatting and the morale is high. We get into our kits and sit and listen to our coach for the intense team talk, we are all engaged and know exactly what we must do what when we get down to the pitch. Around 9.20am, we flee the changing rooms and head down to the pitch, still all chattering between ourselves. Once at the pitch we put our bags down and start warming up. The warm up is very important, everyone must be concentrating and determined. A couple of minutes before 10.00 we grab a drink and get into a huddle for a small team talk where we all encourage each other. 10.00am, the whistle blows, and we are off! Everyone on the team fights to keep the ball in their possession; passing the ball around the opposition and going in for tackles at the correct time are vital. The team is always positive despite the outcome of the game, winning is always a bonus as we are aiming for promotion but we take the negatives and turn them into positives when we lose. After the game we go to our team’s club house, this is where we take the time to socialise and chill out. This is a weekly routine and each Saturday I look forward to seeing my teammates and getting a good workout in running around the pitch; even after several injuries and hockey balls to my face, I cannot imagine my life without playing hockey.

Sunday morning comes around in no time, I am still exhausted from the previous day of hockey. Despite this I am up early and in the gym for 9.30 when it is nice and quiet. I start off with some cardio on the treadmill to warm up and then move onto weights. I spend roughly 60-90 minutes here, sticking to a training program I came up with myself. I get home and get ready to spend the rest of my day with friends or family. I am always in bed early Sunday night ready for the week ahead at work at IES.

Daniel RobertsAlex Gayton
Cross Street
Learning Support Assistant