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6.15 am and my alarm is ringing! Hitting the snooze button would be great but preparing for the day is a must! I arrive at school at 8.40 am and make my way to the main hall; this is filled with colleagues chatting away and the room is always filled with positivity and laughter, even at this hour of the morning!

8.50 am and I join the whole team to have a meeting in the hall; we run through events which are in the diary for that day and read out the timetable with any last-minute changes to adhere to.

9am comes and my colleagues and I are organising ourselves and each other, distributing students’ work for the day and discussing our upcoming lessons. This is the quickest 15 minutes of the day and my last chance to catch a speedy coffee and an update from the other staff!

9.15 am is one of my favourite times of the day because this is when the pupils start arriving. They arrive mostly individually and so I get a chance to speak to them all independently, asking them how they are and what they got up to the previous evening! I love greeting the children in the morning, there is a mixture of moods fluttering around the school, and mostly excitable students who are ready for the day ahead.

Period 1 begins at 9.25; for me this will be English as I am the subject lead. I love that I am lucky enough to be able to teach our students 1-1; for that 45 minutes I can really focus my attention on the one student I am with, and tailor my teaching to their individual needs. English is a really great subject to teach as it enables the students to be creative with their language!

After a morning of poetry and spellings, 10.55 am arrives and it is time for snack break. The students and staff descend on the main hall and lots of chit-chat ensues. At 11 am, teachers swap students and I take my next pupil to start his or her English lesson.

I teach two more lessons before lunch at 12.30pm. Lunchtime is a really fun part of the day for me; once again teachers and pupils all gather in the hall to socialise and eat together. There is always an activity during the half an hour break, this can vary from debating club, to school council, to a lunchtime music session. The students are always so animated during this time and everyone really enjoys the time spent together interacting. I love being able to engage with the students inside and outside of the classroom and being able to spend time interacting with them on a more personal basis is something I love about this job!

At 1pm, 5th period begins; some students may be offsite for their afternoon lessons, doing P.E or ASDAN, and teachers may be with pupils at other sites. Sometimes I head down to another school site for the afternoon to teach the pupils who are based there; its just a short walk up the road and so I set off at 12.50. When I arrive, the lunchtime activities are coming to an end and the pupils are preparing for their next lessons. Its really nice to be able to mix up your day and visit other students who aren’t at the site I mostly teach at. I teach from 1pm-3pm allowing the student to take a quick two minute break in between their lessons to get a drink.

At 3pm the school day comes to an end; everyone returns to Cross Street to wait for the pupils to be picked up. I manage to catch a quick chat with the students and ask them how their day has been; they discuss what they’ve been up to and show me pictures of the activities they’ve participated in! If I’m lucky, there may have been a student who had a cooking lesson that afternoon and so I huddle around the kitchen with everyone else to get a piece of brownie or cake!

The staff stay at school until half past 4; I take a quick 20-minute break to eat my snacks and grab a drink. The remainder of the time is spent marking the pupils’ work, responding to emails, and making any necessary phone calls. All the staff gather together to complete their tasks and chat away as we do so.

4.30pm and its home time! I grab my laptop and any unfinished marking and head home ready to prepare for the next school day!

Haidee HuntHaidee Hunt
Associate Teacher (English Lead)
BSc. Social Policy and Criminology