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‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them’– Walt Disney

I believe that everyone has the ability to be courageous. Being courageous is like being brave and I think there will always be a situation in your life where you have to take the plunge and be brave.

Walt Disney was born on December 5th, 1901, him and his brother Roy co-founded Walt Disney Productions which is now one of the best motion-pictured production companies in the world. My love for Disney grows more and more every time I watch a Disney movie and I have been lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and even dance in Disneyland Paris last summer! Walt was a very successful entrepreneur; however he did not have any easy ride and his company went bankrupt in 1923. This did not stop Walt, him and his brother took this as an opportunity to get money together, move elsewhere and open another studio which was successful. If Walt and his brother had gave up easily after a downfall then Disney would not be where it is today!

No matter how old I am, I know that I will always love Disney and my main reason for this is that each Disney film provides such a special message that can be understood by children and adults. Cinderella provides the message ‘Have courage and be kind’. I’m sure most you are familiar with Cinderella’s story line; however, I think it is really important to know that Cinderella was bullied and mistreated at the start by her Stepmother and the ugly Stepsisters, yet because she was kind to others and had courage to go to the ball she had her happy ending! This proves that not everybody achieves what they want straight away, and it’s definitely not always easy either, however you should always give it your best attempt.

Another Disney film is the Lion King, the Lion King has a song called ‘Hakuna Matata’ which is my favourite song of all time! ‘Hakuna Matata’ translates to ‘No Worries’ in Swahili. The main reason I love the Lion King is because of the friendship it shows between the characters Simba, Timon and Pumba. They help each other through each situation and are supportive of each others ideas. I have some great friends and we always encourage each other to pursue our dreams!

If you haven’t seen the films Cinderella or the Lion King then this is my recommendation…

Hakuna Matata

My experience of being courageous was making the decision to go to University. I always knew that I wanted a career where I could help others. When I was a little girl I said I wanted a job as a midwife, an air hostess and even a lolly pop lady! I then decided I wanted to be a teacher when I started Secondary School.  I think it’s only fair to admit that there were times in school where I failed… I didn’t pass some exams first time and had to put in lots of extra work, however I did achieve my targets in the end and this was a fantastic feeling.

Going to University was a pretty scary thought, I was leaving all my current friendship groups and a setting I was comfortable in to venture out and extend my studies. Yet, I had the dream of becoming a teacher and I had to have courage to pursue this dream.  I graduated from University in July 2017 with a degree in BA Education Studies. This was a great achievement and I can’t express enough how amazing it was to go up on the stage in my cap and gown and receive my certificate. I now reflect back and say that if I didn’t have courage to go to University I wouldn’t be working in my dream job right now!

Within school I think it is very important for everyone to do their very best. I think this is relevant for all of the students and even the teachers! Staff are always learning at IES, we attend weekly training sessions and many of us have attended at least one full day training course offsite. It is important for us to always be learning to ensure we are doing the best for the students. I feel I have achieved something each day at IES working with a great staff team and the excellent students we have!

So, take some time to think; What is your dream? You might not know the answer to this just yet, or you might already have it planned out. Either way, always remember that you are a courageous individual and your dreams can come true.

Chelsea MallaboneChelsea Mallabone
Cross Street
Associate Teacher (Science Lead)
BA (Hons) Education Studies